Welcome to Ikea Done Right

Congratulations on finding the best resource for free advice on everything Ikea. I am sure the reason you are here is because you by now already have been attracted by the great designs, impressive warranties and incredible pricing of the Ikea products.

This blog was started as a result of my love/hate relationship with Ikea. If shopping at Ikea was perfect and easy, this site would have no reason to exist. But it is far from perfect, and I don’t think anybody will call ever it easy. In the end, it can be tremendously rewarding, give you much more for less, give you an amazing looking home, office or business at a reasonable price and often the associated satisfaction that you did this yourself.

In this blog, you will find advice on ALL areas of you interaction with Ikea, like:

  • Is assembling it by myself going to be hard
  • When is the best time to go?
  • What is the best way to navigate the store?
  • Where are the rest rooms?
  • What can/should I order online?
  • Do I need to live close to a s store?
  • Can I bring my dog?
  • Should I go by myself or bring a friend?
  • What should I do before going?
  • What do they serve at the restaurant?
  • Which check out lane is the fastest?
  • Can I pay with a checque?
  • What is up with the food market after the check-out?
  • Is a $1 hotdog worth eating?
  • Should I join the family program
  • What if something breaks in the car on the way home?
  • How do I avoid the long lines at customer service?
  • Do they deliver?
  • Why do I have to pick my own products out of the warehouse?
  • What if it turns out, that I cannot put the bed together?

These are all just a small sample of real questions I have been asked by friends, family or other shoppers. You will find the answers to those – and many others – here.

After having had good luck assembling a bed, a dresser and a book case, you may feel more daring and ready to take on a bigger project, maybe a closet, a bathroom or kitchen remodel. But you, as many before you, may also be wondering what you are about to get yourself into. Now there are tougher questions to be answered:

  • Is it too good to be true?
  • Will it work?
  • Can I do this myself?
  • Should I do this myself?
  • How do I start?
  • Do I have the right tools?
  • How do I get it home?
  • How do I know I got all the pieces I need?
  • Will it look like the picture or the store model?
  • Will i be getting everything I need from Ikea?

I know I these questions were on my mind when I installed my first Ikea kitchen almost 25 years ago and, frankly, almost every time since. As I actually got started the projects, the questions became much more specific. I know how it feels to stare blankly at the instructions and feel a little advice from somebody that had already done this before could have helped a lot. I found the Internet to be helpful, but far from sufficient. This site will be your source for advice – and best of all, if we don’t already have the answer posted, you get to ask your question to thousands of members and professionals, and we will post the answer for you as well as send it to you by email. And when you are all done, we want to see (and share) your pictures.

There are many challenges to overcome when you decide to go with an Ikea solution instead of a custom kitchen or closet. Only some of them are related to the product. Others relate to the interaction with Ikea, the project planning, logistics and what is expected of you. Understanding these challenges really isn’t that much different between an Ikea solution or any other home project, but accepting that they are there and will have to be reckoned with, makes the difference between success and failure.

I created this blog as a way for me, and others like me, to share experiences – and show some of the work that we are proud of (like the kitchen above) – and some that we are not so proud of (more about that later – it’s there for a reason).

I don’t sell anything, nor will you be paying for the advice you find on this site or for receiving replies to your questions. I finance the cost of maintaining and hosting this site entirely by the advertising you see scattered on the blog and it is much appreciated when you click a link to visit an advertiser. I may have started this site, but its real power lies in the contributions by the users asking questions or offering advice. The main difference between this site and other Ikea related sites lie in a project focus rather than a product. A kitchen project WILL require you to shop in other places than Ikea – no exceptions. We cover them all.

I suggest you quickly look over the “Before you start” posts and give some thought to the suggestions you find there. Then read the “Plan your project” section and print and use the worksheets you find there. This could save you thousands of dollars, but more importantly, it will save your marriage, your sanity and many other things at risk.

Thank you for visiting and best of luck with your project.