Other stuff to get that will save you many (head)aches

When building your own cabinets, you will be moving them around your workspace – a lot. And a few cheap tools will help make this a breeze and stretch your first aid kit another year.

A set of good work gloves will protect your hands from cuts and scrapes when lifting and unpacking. They start at $1.95, but get some in the right size for around $10 and wear them whenever you are opening boxes, moving shelves and frames to and from, and during assembly. Sharp edges are everywhere and large paper cuts is common.

If you can afford it, wear steel toe work boots when lifting, moving and assembling furniture. Sneakers provide great grip, but they are no match for 100 lbs of cabinetry dropped on your toes. And you will be surprised how often pushing, lifting and steering with your feet helps.

Another cheap and absolutely amazing product are push feet that you place under items and you can now push them around with little effort. I have seen hard floor only models, and combination versions that has a hard floor model inside a carpet version – some including a clever lever to use when sliding the feet under the item to be moved. With these a 50 lbs child can easily move a 300 lbs glass table.

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This is one of those “As seen on TV” items that really works. At less than $20, they belong in every home. Get them before you need them.